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Art Around Town (Metz, France)

After taking four days off to recover from the Trail des Passerelles, the Ninja Turtle ventured outside for her first run as the weather was just too darn nice to stay indoors. Her quads are still incredibly sore from the downhills so it was slow going; she kept to a route close to home (just in case she needed to cut the run short from too much pain) which meant sticking to within the city.

Now that Europe is thrown into the height of summer, there are endless activities and free entertainment lined up. Metz Plage started two days ago; that’s the “urban beach” where a whole pile of sand is dumped somewhere to re-create a beach atmosphere for those who live only about 8 hours from the closest real beach.

There’s currently a series of open air art exhibitions displayed in various venues too – gardens seem to be a favourite exhibition spot. So as the Ninja Turtle shuffled towards the end of her easy 5-miler, she chanced upon this pretty cool series:








4 thoughts on “Art Around Town (Metz, France)

    • Isn’t it? After living in Europe for three years I still can’t get over these freely accessible art. In Singapore, everything carries a price tag and entry to art galleries don’t come cheap. Not sure what that achieves, showcasing only to a crowd with too much money and perhaps a lot less sense. The art is then sold as a consumer product.
      Here though, by democratising art, they’ve elevated it to the priceless and sacred. When I look at art here, I don’t see a sales pitch, I see a message from the artist trying to engage in dialogue with the audience.

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