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Two Turtles Go A-Dining (Warning: Food Porn Ahead)

This week has been an absolute food-fest for the Ninja Turtle. Beginning with Sonic’s birthday lunch at Marina Bay Sands’ Chinese restaurant Jin Shan Lou through to this afternoon’s buffet lunch at Park Royal Hotel’s Lime, the Ninja Turtle has dined out every single day, and she hasn’t had a single disappointment yet.

On the budget-friendly end of the scale, she’s had an amazing phở at Little Hanoi, a Food Republic stall situated in the basement of Westgate at Jurong East, to the tune of $6.90. Mother Turtle went with the traditional beef brisket, while the Ninja Turtle chose chicken. The broth had all the complexity one would expect from the Vietnamese noodle soup, and when they both went back to ask for more beansprouts, the waitress happily gave them a bowl with no extra charge. The beef salad was also cheap and delicious.

20150619_193634Friday night, the Ninja Turtle went out for dinner with Krazy Kow and her Plus One at one of her favourite haunts in Singapore – Holland Village. As the Ninja Turtle was hankering after some Indian, Krazy Kow suggested Bar Bar Black Sheep. The Holland Village outlet may be new, but on a Friday night, the place was completely packed, and the Turtle managed to secure the last three seats in the house – at the bar, no less – after begging pitifully with the waiter.

The best way to describe Bar Bar Black Sheep is a bar that serves a decent array of drinks, but boasts a super extensive food menu of which the term “pub grub” does no justice. Between the three of them, they ordered four curries, two bowls of rice, and three garlic naans because gluttony is best indulged in, in the company of people who love you too much to judge. The service was slow but the food was worth waiting for – after an hour of salivating and nursing their overpriced drinks, they wolfed down the lot in a matter of minutes (sorry, no photos).

Another pub meal the Ninja Turtle had this week was at the Blu Jaz Cafe with Mother Turtle. Mother Turtle learnt of this place during Baby Turtle’s last visit back in Singapore; apparently Baby Turtle thought it was a great idea to hang out with dear Ma for dinner, drinks and a shisha pipe (to her credit, Mother Turtle eventually participated, despite her initial disapproval.) The Ninja Turtle isn’t half as wild as Baby Turtle, so this time round, it was just drinks and food.

And of course, best for last, the show-stopping meal of the week – Mother Turtle surprised the Ninja Turtle with lunch at Lime, a restaurant in the hotel ParkRoyal on Pickering. It was an Asian-international buffet, and the Ninja Turtle used the excuse of having covered 8 hard miles on two consecutive days to go nuts.

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This was what the Ninja Turtle ate:

Thank you, Mother Turtle, for spoiling the Ninja Turtle rotten!

Thank you, Mother Turtle, for spoiling the Ninja Turtle rotten!


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