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A Visit to the annual Salon du Chocolat

Last weekend, the Ninja Turtle and GodzillaPin spent a day suffering from sugar overload. It’s that time of the year again, when the Salon du Chocolat comes to the Metz Exposition, and the duo went armed with 2 credit cards and plenty of shopping bags.

There were 60+ exhibitors at the Salon du Chocolat this year. Of course, as the name suggests, it’s a world of chocolate.

Each year, there is also a chocolate sculpture competition, as well as a fashion parade, where the models wear creations made with/of chocolate. The theme this year was Asia.


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Of course, it wasn’t ALL just chocolate. There were other types of confectionery on offer too.

One of the reasons for visiting a chocolate exposition, aside from tasting and buying chocolate of course, was that they got to speak with the experts. Two years ago, the duo had a nice chat with Mikael Azouz, who has won multiple international awards. This time, the duo chose to chin-wag with another chocolate master – Fabrice Dumay, the best chocolatier in Moselle.

M. Dumay was incredibly friendly, and knowledgeable. He explained to them how lecithin was used as an emulsifier, and consequently confectioners also cost-cut with this ingredient (by increasing lecithin by 1%, you can reduce cocoa butter by 10% in your recipe). He went into great detail explaining the various single origins, from Madagascar, to Sao Tome, to Venezuela, and the latest up-and-coming chocolate region in the world: Vietnam! Cocoa was first planted there 10 years ago, and harvest from the first 5 years were terrible, but they are slowly seeing improvements. The production, situated not far from the Mekong Delta, is currently very small-scale, and apparently 100% fair trade. M. Dumay also quickly briefed them on the crop to bean to bar process, and shared his favourite wine to pair with chocolate (if you must know, it’s the Modérato Nectar d’Automne Muscat from Casablanca).


All up, it was a fantastic excursion, and look at the bounty they lugged home that evening:

Just don't ask how much they spent on this (it's an eye-watering sum).

Just don’t ask how much they spent on this (it’s an eye-watering sum).


6 thoughts on “A Visit to the annual Salon du Chocolat

  1. Looks like you guys had a blast! Chocolate used to be my favourite Gu flavour, but having read this I think I might lay off for a while, heh! On a slightly different tangent, I wonder what sort of reaction you would get from other runners if you pulled one of those crayons out to munch on as mid race fuel.

    • Oh there would be some priceless expressions for sure! 😀
      We did have a blast, but you know what I learnt? The good thing about being an adult is that you can eat as much chocolate as you wish without parents yelling at you. The bad thing is that your body cannot handle this abuse quite so well, and your irresponsibility results in belly ache.
      Oh, to be 18 again.

      • Thankfully in this case your Mother Turtle is on the other side of the planet, and hence unavailable to say “I told you so!”. J is a bit of a health food nut and would give me death stares me if I even hinted this, but just secretly, I’m jealous! In my not-so-wise opinion, a decadent chocolatey binge is well worth a couple of hours of stomach discomfort – it’s not like it’s a daily occurrence after all (hopefully it’s not even an annual occurence!), and hey, you’ll need the calories on those long runs anyway.

  2. I am so craving chocolate now! I bet the experience was really inspiring too! Will you be posting about any chocolate-based confections/culinary gems that you create as a result of your outing?

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