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Hello Adelaide!

Alas, all good things must come to an end, and it was with great reluctance that the Ninja Turtle left Sydney – and Sonic the Hedgehog – for the next stop in her itinerary: Adelaide.

So many things to do, so little time! Functioning on 4 or 5 hours of sleep per night while travelling was beginning to take a toll, and the Ninja Turtle saw an impending crash ahead. Luckily, she has amazingly understanding friends who helped her switch gears and slow down.

Catching up with old friends lovely dolphin cruise at Port Adelaide.

Catching up with old friends over a lovely dolphin cruise at Port Adelaide.


Everyone on board...


For the captain is ready to set sail!

The weather was finicky – they got the sun, the clouds, the wind, the rain all within 2 hours of the cruise.


Blow wind blow!


Some folks fishing for cockles

The cruise ship had a restaurant bar and the Turtle and friends settled in to a relaxing lunch on the water.

Thanking the real Captain for a safe and pleasant trip before disembarking

As they waited for the weather to change, they decided to kill some time at the Larg’s Pier Hotel.
Built in 1882, this building is rich in history. It was used as a lookout for German ships during the WWII. Later, it became a favourite hotel for Australian bands such as ACDC to perform in during their early career days. Today, it is an award-winning accommodation with wonderful service at the bar.

Retaining a lot of its original architecture and design


It boasts a stylish yet relaxed atmosphere


And rattan ceiling fans never seen before by the Ninja Turtle


Hot chocolates and cappuccinos = Happiness

Thousands of people come into our lives, but only a very few stay for long. Friends are the Ninja Turtle’s most precious treasures in the world. Friends worth travelling halfway across the world for.


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