A Feat of Scottish Engineering

Take a good long hard look at the following picture and see if you can spot something rather odd.


Does it jar the senses a little bit?


It's clearly taken from a boat...


Traversing a canal of some sort...

But how to explain the background? In one photo there are hills in the distance,  in another, it’s overlooking the countryside, with a patch of water impossibly a long way down. Aren’t boats meant to float on water and not hover tens of yards over it?


The answer is The Falkirk Wheel

More importantly, the question was “how do we connect the Forth and Clyde Canal with the Union Canal, when one is a long way up from the other?”


This thing of beauty cost £17 million and was completed in 2.5 years. Each half revolution requires the power of eight electric kettles and takes about 5 minutes.


One hell of a boat lift, brought to you by the ingenuity of the Scots

For some information, visit
For more information, visit The Falkirk Wheel itself. There’s a whole lot of juicy details and statistics you won’t find on the website, and it’s really nice to just sit and gape at this testament to engineering skills.


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