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Scotland’s Independence – A 700 Year Old Story

Come September, the good men and women of Scotland will have to vote on a referendum on the issue of Scotland’s independence from the UK. It will be a democratic process, with plenty of debate leading up to the big day. Some are for it, some against it, and quite a good few simply don’t care.

Seven hundred years ago, however, the Scots faced the same issue with far less indifference, and battles for freedom involved war cries to “take no prisoners”.


2014 celebrates the 700th anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn


Where Robert the Bruce won the battle against Edward II and birthed a legend

They say history is told from the perspective of the victors, and the tales of Robert the Bruce’s courage certainly did plenty to foster loyalty and a sense of national pride.


The men who fought at Bannockburn bought Scotland 400 years of independence thereafter


So 700 years later, people come to gather at the site of the battlefield to celebrate Scottish music


Contribute to the making of the Great Tapestry of Scotland


Indulge in delicious food made by gorgeous sisters (the carrot cake was amazing)


Meet up with other members of the clan


Recruit members and volunteers to enriching the cultural knowledge of the land


Share expert knowledge in Scotland's history


And of course, to finally have a haggis burger with cheddar and whisky confit, washed down with a pint of ale

The sun came out quite unexpectedly for the day and being woefully unprepared for such good luck, GodzillaPin is now probably the first person in history to get sunburnt in Scotland.


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