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Edinburgh Day 2

Today, the duo and Mother Turtle decided to explore Edinburgh by foot. For someone who has no real problems running a semi marathon or more, the Ninja Turtle seems to struggle with walking. It takes so bloody long to reach the destination in comparison.


The day started with a walk through Holyrood Park


With the first stop at the Castle Terrace farmer's market

The Ninja Turtle bought a Scotch egg but got envious of GodzillaPin’s buffalo burger. Mother Turtle tried an Eccles cake.


And it was on to the next stop up the hill: Edinburgh Castle


Where they learnt about Scottish royalty and saw the crown jewels


The wars and battles in Scottish history (and a poster that tempted the Ninja Turtle to sign up - infantry life sounds like a party!)


Watched the One O'clock Gun go off (and the smoking hot soldiers)


Enjoyed the view over Edinburgh...


And were treated to royal service over high tea

Edinburgh Castle took about 4 hours of the afternoon, but there were still many sections left unexplored. It’s brilliant for history buffs and photographers.


Then a quick cup of coffee to warm up before more walking around the city

They had planned to dine on haggis burgers at Holyrood 9A but the place was booked out for the night. So they did the next best thing – walked home, took a hot bath and ordered Indian delivery. The curries in the UK do live up to promise.

So ends day 2 of Edinburgh adventures, stay tune for more stories!


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