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Summer Holidays Trip #1

It’s a good thing GodzillaPin is dating a runner, for every time the Ninja Turtle travels with GodzillaPin, she inevitably finds herself running. Running after buses, running after trains, running through Charles de Gaulle airport for the umpteenth time as they make it to the gates 30 seconds before closure. They had to run almost the length of terminal 2E, and even had to beg several custom officers to let them skip the security queue. No surprise when they were informed that they were the last ones to board. The Ninja Turtle would have been consumed with burning shame, except they found themselves on premium economy class for once, and were treated to a nice mid-morning snack (breakfast for the Turtle).


GodzillaPin had the same except with beer

Upon touchdown however, the battle recommenced. GodzillaPin got through quick smart with his EU passport but the Turtle… After almost an hour’s battle to get through the customs, they were reunited with Mother Turtle, who flew in from Singapore for this trip.


Welcome to Edinburgh! The view from the rental apartment


A little bit of sightseeing in town...


And planning out an itinerary that would feature a highlight from one of the international festivals at the moment

Edinburgh is beautiful. The next five days promise to be magical.


The day ended with dinner at Ondine's; they've won an award for the Best Restaurant of the Year Scotland 2013-2014

Never mind the Rock and Roll Edinburgh Semi Marathon was cancelled, the Ninja Turtle has done enough running for the day.


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