Argument: Australian wines are superior

Many may disagree. All French will protest. Go ahead, the argument still stands.

The very definition of happy hour means the shortest route to pleasure.


Not a prolonged battle with a cork refusing to yield

After a hard day’s work, one shouldn’t have to work some more for a glass of wine. The stress involved negates all anti-inflammatory benefits from the drink.


Then there's the carnage which requires work cleaning up

Would this ever happen with a bottle of Australian wine? NO. The geniuses Down Under realised quickly that there is no sweeter sound than the craaaack of a stelvin screwcap.

Ergo: Aussie wines win.


2 thoughts on “Argument: Australian wines are superior

  1. My French Heaven says:

    You are very funny! I live in Bordeaux. My dad was a wine merchant for over 60 years and when asked what the best wine was, he would always reply: “the best wine is the wine you enjoy drinking best”. So I hate wine snobs and I totally agree with you! Play with your food and have fun with your wine my friend. It is the definition of “art de vivre”. It is “joie de vivre”. Very nice provocative post!! 😉

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