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Eating Healthy While Travelling…

Is a goddamn struggle at best, and impossible at worst. As previously chronicled in this blog, the Ninja Turtle take all of two seconds to lose her resolve before she caves in to chocolate waffles and beer in Liege, pineau and oysters in La Rochelle and too much designer coffee in Melbourne (GodzillaPin on the other hand, has NO qualms diving headfirst into local gastronomy since being born thin has clearly given him the license to eat as much pineapple fried rice and chicken curries as he can possibly desire).

So, when GodzillaPin rang the Ninja Turtle this afternoon to say he’s got to spend the next three days in Alsace for work, her first thought was “bugger, he’s off to have fun without me :-(”

Two minutes later, she got a second call from GodzillaPin, asking if in fact, she would like to come along.

Did she ever!

The benefit of this arrangement was that GodzillaPin’s work commitments in Alsace is not too far from the Ninja Turtle’s race in the Vosges on Sunday. By going a few days in advance, she’d be getting at least one training run in the racing environment.

The next thought however, was “wait a minute… 4 days of dining restaurants before the final and most important race of the season?”

The Ninja Turtle is a pretty adventurous eater but there are some basic racing rules to live by and sticking to the familiar foods is a big one. Why risk food poisoning at the last minute?


Also, after reading this handbook, the Turtle has learnt that potato chips don't count as a serving of vegetables. Oops.

So GodzillaPin rang up the bed and breakfast accommodation asking if they could borrow a fridge and it turns out, yes! Sometimes, all one’s got to do is ask.


The Ninja Turtle's snack stash is all packed.


Inevitably, she finds herself sometimes dipping into GodzillaPin's.

So, the travelling begins at 5am tomorrow, 3 days earlier than planned, but the duo say: bring it on!


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