National Running Day Mileage: 0

Today, on National Running Day, the Ninja Turtle has elected to cancel her training. The irony is not lost on the Ninja Turtle.

Before you protest, she is having a good chuckle as she fails to give a damn. It’s National Running Day, not International Running Day, and whatever country is claiming 4th of June specifically for running, of that nationality she is not.

Besides, after her double workout yesterday, she is knackered. She had planned an easy 4-mile recovery for the morning, and another easy 30 minutes of social running with a neighbour in the evening. As expected, her knees and feet and calves screamed bloody murder on the first three minutes. Sunday’s trail race came back to haunt her and despite running at a 8/10 effort she could barely manage a shuffle.

However, she sucked it up and by the end of the run she had the most beautiful set of negative splits ever. She  basically ran through the pain and was continuously running faster, starting out at 8kph and finishing at 11.5kph. The evening jog turned out to be a 5K fartlek, and as her energy levels soared, she found herself leaping on park benches and chasing the pigeons. For once she was more Ninja, less Turtle.

When GodzillaPin proposed they walked in to town for dinner and a film, she said why not? What’s another three miles?

Of course, today, she woke up with her legs feeling ruined. With one race left before her she’s trying to not be stupid. No, she won’t risk injury at this stage. Instead, she is having beer and chicken tacos for dinner, and reading RUN! by Dean Karnazes is all the running she will do while she recovers on National Running Day.


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