What’s On The Menu For Dinner?

Two dozen flies while doing a tempo run along the river. Flies also have a tendency to kamikaze in your eyes and plaster themselves on your sweaty neck and arms, so it helps to run fast, breathe through a mouth wide open. Low fat, low carb, full of protein.
On a more serious note, although it’s been done to death on this blog, the Ninja Turtle chose to make a ratatouille once again.


It's like eating a healthy rainbow!

Recipes abound, so instead, here are several arguments on why ratatouille is THE BEST.
1. It pairs with everything. Steak, pasta, on its own with a crunchy baguette…
2. A really delicious way to get your daily quota of vegetables.
3. Chopping vegetables for an hour is therapeutic.
4. Unlike some dishes, the humble ratatouille is low maintenance – you can cook it in advance, leave it to stew in its own sauce while you go out for a run, come back and reheat, et voilà! In fact, it improves in flavour that way.
5. It’s got a Disney movie named after it.
6. It’s suitable for almost all diets. Vegans? Use olive oil. Paleo? Use coconut oil. Ornish? Use I-can’t-believe-it’s-not-butter. Something for everyone! (Not for those on low FODMAP though, sorry.)
7. Taste of summer. Enough said.
And therefore ratatouille is the best. QED.
What are you having for dinner tonight?


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