Mini Taper for Race No. 2

As this is the first season in which the Ninja Turtle is running multiple races, it’s been a bit tricky trying to maintain training mileage while keeping her legs fresh for each time she toes the starting line.
She’s done a simulation run for Race #2…


Abiding by the rule to do everything exactly as per race day, lucky underwear and all

Then a 10-miler at what she hopes will be race pace, since RunKeeper informed her that her pokey pace has been upgraded to merely cause-of-traffic-jam miles per hour. Hooray!


A small ego boost, courtesy of RunKeeper

Today’s run was scheduled as an easy 3-miler, but the Ninja Turtle woke up feeling pretty good this morning, once she drank her sunrise slap-in-the-face formula (don’t worry, it’s only coffee, no performance enhancing banned substances). Also, having spent the weekend reading too many training articles on, she was feeling somewhat embarrassed about how little she actually runs, while shamelessly calling herself a runner. So, she decided to make it a nice 10K and for the sake of sporadic challenge, turned the easy into a fartlek.


Ways to fartlek: race a bus/car, beat the traffic lights, stride to the chorus of each song, thumb your nose at a teenager and run for your life, etc

It was a good run but now the Ninja Turtle must keep all runs short and easy until the semi-marathon on Saturday. Once that is out of the way, she can run the long runs again.
That is, if she’s still standing.


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