How do you deal with Mondays?

The Ninja Turtle has a Difficulty Metre for Mondays. It looks like this:


So imagine then, having to work through an inbox clogged full of emails, with some of them featuring articles like this:

Useful? Maybe. But it makes Tirtle feel 1000% worse about herself.

Useful? Maybe. But it makes Tirtle feel 1000% worse about herself.

It’s as if even the internet knows that she can’t get her engine started. It’s even like, the internet is more in tune with Turtle’s feelings than GodzillaPin is…

Having looked through that list, the Ninja Turtle has concluded that with the exception of #23, the rest of it was frankly not going to work. She doesn’t do yoga, she doesn’t bowl, and she doesn’t have Facebook to be “chewed out” on for not wanting to run. And much as she likes to think some of those suggested mind games would trick her into getting started, a little part of the Turtle-y brain is sprawled on a mental couch, feet up on the coffee table, slowly chewing cud and drawling “Whaddaya take me for?”

So, having returned back to Metz from the village way past midnight last night, the Turtle found herself needing a stronger-than-usual kick up the arse to begin this morning. The fact that she’s still sick and needs an obscene amount of sleep also means less hours in a day to get all her things done. Don’t even mention the lack of sunlight forecasted for the next 6 days…

Finally, the only way to begin was to focus on one single task on the To-Do list, and say “that’s all you’ll have to do today, the rest can really wait”.

And once that first task was out of the way, she gave herself a pat on the back and a steaming mug of coffee, and said “all right then, let’s do just one more.”

Baby steps. This, my friends, is how Monday is tackled by the Ninja Turtle.


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