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As one thing comes to an end, another thus begins…

Sadly, this blog had to be re-prioritized as the pace of our travels became more and more frenzied, climaxing to various outbreaks of viral infections in the blog owners. We shall not itemize the lot, but it should suffice to say that the Ninja Turtle is feeling the gross injustice of life when, despite the stupid flu vaccine, she nonetheless came down with bronchitis and conjunctivitis. Her doctor also sent her off to the labs for a blood sample that is currently on its way to Paris, testing for possible dengue fever.

So, apologies to all our loyal readers and followers, and we certainly hope your Christmas 2013 was filled with joy and laughter, while the ringing in of 2014 did not result in too big a hangover. (Who are we kidding? We hope you drank yourselves stupid on champagne, and someone took photographic evidence of you making complete asses of yourselves like we did. Life is short!)

Here is a quick recap of our favourite moments during the trip – we shall elaborate in the coming days/weeks on the more interesting adventures we’ve had while in Australia and Singapore. For now, the photos will have to do the talking. In no particular order of our trip’s highlights…

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And of course, most importantly, taking a little bit of

And of course, most importantly, taking a little bit of “us” time apart from everybody else. (It wasn’t as often as we’d liked, but that’s OK. We’ll have more than enough of each other now that we’re back home and it’s just two of us again.)

As we have spent the entire trip running for planes, running for trains, running for buses, running around just for the hell of it, and trying to catch up with as many friends and family members in so short a time, travelling has taken a toll on them both, and it is with great relief that GodzillaPin and the Ninja Turtle come home. Needless to say, the trip was wonderful and they were both very well-fed and well taken care of by Turtle’s dear friends and family. If not altogether pleasant, at least it was important to be reminded, after two long years away, who she was before, and how she has changed since.

The grand voyage is over, and now it’s time to look ahead towards what 2014 will bring. May it bestow us with many more adventures, return us to good health, and bring us lots of laughter, love and wisdom.

Happy 2014, from GodzillaPin and the Ninja Turtle!


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