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Enjoying Time Together and Apart

Although the Ninja Turtle managed to cajole GodzillaPin into running a semi-marathon with her (so they could put to rest for once and for all how she had a valid reason to feel too tired to clean the house), there is no denying that he is not as mad keen about running as she is. In fact, he isn’t really keen on it at all.

That’s OK. There is no rule to say that partners must be interested in the same things, although of course it certainly does cement a relationship when there is common ground. We prioritise being active and eating well, but we go about it in different ways.

GodzillaPin focuses on the ritualistic aspect of dining so deeply ingrained in the French culture (not snacking outside of proper meal times, dragging out a meal and not rushing through it, partaking in several courses each meal to achieve balance and satiety, etc). The Ninja Turtle on the other hand, pays more attention to what actually goes into each meal itself (minimising added preservatives, macro- and micronutrient contents, origins of ingredients, etc). Alone, they would probably never see further than their little scopes of focus, but together, they come a little bit closer to their goal of eating well.

Likewise, when it comes to playtime, they don’t necessarily have the same idea of fun. In fact, it is not unknown that couples go on holidays together, only to end up bickering over decisions on what to do within a limited timeframe. That’s a real shame – holidays are happy time! Don’t sweat the small stuff, and if a compromise cannot be reached, there is no reason why each person cannot go his/her own way, do whatever they want, and come back to reconnoitre.

GodzillaPin insisted on coming to Surfers Paradise for one obvious reason – he loves surfing. As they normally live nowhere close to anything bigger than a river, this trip to Australia is his chance.

GodzillaPin chasing the waves.

GodzillaPin chasing the waves.

The Ninja Turtle on the other hand, can name at least 20 top reasons to come to Surfers Paradise that does NOT include surfing, but that’s just her. She’s not a strong swimmer, and while she’s not all that afraid of dying, she’s certainly scared of pain, and drowning doesn’t seem like the most ideal way to go.

So, early this morning – and it was certainly early, for they were down at the beach before 8.30am – they kissed each other goodbye, and wished each other fun.

Yup, running is fun. Running barefoot on hot sand is even funner, until you get a blister.

Yup, running is fun. Running barefoot on hot sand is even funner, until you get a blister.

By the time they both came back, happy and exhausted from surfing/barefoot running, they were in tremendously good moods and went off to enjoy lunch, where they both moaned about old age catching up and fatiguing too quickly.

If there is a lesson in this anywhere, it’s not to wait till later to do whatever it is you wish to do. If you have the financial means to do it, GO. Don’t wait until you have the time – life will always get in the way and excuses roll in quicker than waves on hot sand. We didn’t just have the time, we had to make the time, and boy, are we glad we did. Because too soon, our bodies will betray us, and when that day arrives, whatever dreams we have not yet fulfilled will forever just remain as that – dreams.


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