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Hello from Liège!

For the long weekend of All Saints’, GodzillaPin had a little surprise up his sleeve, and although the Ninja Turtle suspected a trip across the border, France has quite a few borders, depending on which direction one looked. GodzillaPin wasn’t only tight-lipped, he wore a knowing smile for two weeks and refused to spill the beans. This unsettled the Ninja Turtle. Early in their relationship, all it took was a small nudge along the lines of:

NT: Tell me.
GP: Nope.
NT: Tell me!
GP: OK then.

A few years on, not a chance. GodzillaPin says he’s not so eager to please anymore. Even as they got into the car, he sneakily programmed the GPS before she came in, and forbade her from fiddling with the buttons to find out. En route, the Ninja Turtle began to suspect Belgium, and knew she was on the right track when she got a strangled “maybe!” when she asked slyly. She narrowed it down to Namur or Liège but was hardly the wiser with road signs like these:


It wasn’t until the GPS showed the highway turn off that the destination was revealed. Turns out they were going to Liège, although it hardly mattered where in Belgium they were going to, it’s Belgium! The land of this:

Waffles + Chocolate = Life Worth Living

Waffles + Chocolate = Life Worth Living

And this:

A beer in each hand makes GodzillaPin a happy man.

A beer in each hand makes GodzillaPin a happy man.

GodzillaPin had truly outdone himself this time. The Ninja Turtle is usually nervous when it comes to surprises – they are the results of good intentions but normally result in disastrous outcomes. This time round, though, everything was well planned. They have a decent place to spend the night (i.e. – there is hot water in the shower and they are not camping on rocky ground with stones the size of her fists under her sleeping bag) and everything is within walking distance. There was even the Financial Times in English at the front desk.

As it’s All Saints’ Day, everything in town was closed (except the brasseries and bars, of course) but a quick walk around the city found the duo at the annual October fair. It was one of the biggest fairs they have seen in the last few years (and they have seen a few, in Geneva, Romanshorn, etc). It was also in full swing even at 3.30pm in the afternoon.

The miserable weather is quickly forgotten.

The miserable weather is quickly forgotten.

So here we are, with the Ninja Turtle just as surprised as you are about it all, but very pleased indeed. It’s promising to be a fantastic weekend (sod the rain, it will NOT ruin out fun). We’ve already had some beer and chocolate and pizza, but it’s only the beginning!

Happy All Saints’ weekend!


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